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Mid-season Transfer News (Season 2010)

Even before the transfer window opens the management of Sengkang Punggol FC has already began handing out pink slips. No surprises given how atrociously the team underperformed after the League Cup exploits. With only one win and one draw to show from ten matches, even the least ambitious team would know that changes is inevitable.

But with so many obvious candidates primed for the chop, the last person I could possibly imagine leaving is MURPHY WIREDU.

An omni-presence regardless of his position on the pitch, the drive and commitment he displayed has always been second to none. Be it a marauding winger tearing down the opposition flanks, a goalscoring forward with solid returns or a defensive rock he has always performed well, or at the very least to the best of his ability. The wondrous Zidane-esque volley against Young Lions is already tattooed in my head as one of the best goals. Ever. That goal deserves a bigger and better stage.

“Many many thanks to my spfc mates, many thanks to all da fans best wishes…cheers”

And with that well wishes the best performing Dolphin for the past one and a half season, and my Player of the Year last year, is gone.

All the best in your future endeavors, Murphy. You’ve been great.

Fret not, better things await.

Now let’s see if his replacement measures up.

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S.League 2010 Match 12

Opponent: Beijing Guoan Talent
Date: 8th May, 1945hrs
Venue: Yishun Stadium
Final Score: 1 – 1 (Yu Tianzhu 86′ – Ryan Fante 28′)
Wretched Stream-of-Consciousness

  • Everytime Shahir gets a card, someone on the other side of the globe starves.
  • Ryan Fante 1, Abdoulaye Diallo 0.
    The fight to not be the worst foreign signing.
  • Duncan Elias 2, Ryan & Abdoulaye combined 0.
    Masterclass display from the boy with his dangerous deliveries and one goal-line clearance, adding credence that no non-performing (and high-paying) foreign player should be in the way of our young and promising locals.
  • Beijing’s 12th man, AKA the goalpost, makes his presence felt by repelling goal-bound attempts from Murphy, Sobrie, Ryan and Jordan.
  • Another sending off for the Beijing boys. Must be the presence of Zaid Hussein.

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WRETCHED Sengkang Punggol FC in a Nutshell – Apr 2010

I closed off last month’s team review with a somewhat hopeful look ahead into the new month, seeing the number of possible points up for grabs against oppositions of equal standards.

Flash forward 30 days.

Three points, four defeats in five matches. A bad, bad month in terms of results and team performance.

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S.League 2010 Match 9

Opponent: Young Lions
Date: 19th Apr, 1945hrs
Venue: Jalan Besar Stadium
Final Score: 0 – 1 (Murphy Wiredu 65″)

Not wanting to start the week on a bad note and with another heavy downpour threatening our well being, this time we opted for the sane person option and stayed away from the match. Maybe, just maybe our absence would eradicate the hex we might have inadvertently place on the team.

Post match thoughts below.

From Wrecki:

It seems like the experiment work wondrously. We really ought to repeat for the Balestier game and hope the team can make it 2 in 2 in our absence.

Anyway checking through the line-up, it looks like Aide had put skipper Nor Azli in midfield for the suspended Faizal Amir.
The tenacious utility man got a booking which means he would miss the next game after picking up his 4th yellow card of the season, and made an early departure for Abdoullaye Diallo.
The cards kept racking up with Shahir notched on for his burgeoning collection.

Glad to see future stand-in skipper, Murphy Wiredu scoring in successive games, and now had 4 in 4 games against Young Lions, all at Jalan Besar, definitely an auspicious sign.
A valuable 3 away points earn, at least we crept off the bottom and reach double digits in points. Keep it up lads!

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S.League 2010 Match 7

Opponent: Albirex Niigata (S)
Date: 1st Apr, 1945hrs
Venue: Hougang Stadium
Final Score: 0 -1 (Fumiya Kobayashi 65′)

90 mins of relentless in-your-face action, full of blood and guts that is surely not for the weak of hearts. That’s [Rec] 2.

This? The worst football match I’ve seen in a long long while.

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Sengkang Punggol FC in a Nutshell – Mar 2010

Another month of matches has passed. Recycled opponents seem to be the order of the month, as Sengkang Punggol revisited three teams in the space of just a few weeks, with varying success. Some unbelievably good, some predictably bad, making this a pretty unforgettable month.

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Staying in touch

Back in Dec, I did a review of all the S.League clubs’ website and graded Sengkang Punggol a big ‘F for having the most outdated design and least updated information.

I was glad that the management picked up on this and within the same month, issued an announcement that they would be revamping the website.

Flash forward to now.
I’m pleased to inform that the website has indeed undergone considerable changes. Sure the overall look still has a tacky feel to it but the meat of the site has bulked up a lot. Every bit of essential information has been kept up to date, i.e.  match results, league table and upcoming matches. No more relic stuff to worry about.
But the most welcoming feature is the addition of the player profile, something both of us have been craving for since day one. Now the players have a face the fans can put a name to.
On top of that they have done away with the spam-infested forum and in its place, a Facebook page to stay relevant with the current crowd and for better interaction with the fans.

I understand there’s an IT team involved so kudos to them for the job well done (but don’t rest on your laurels. More work to be done). This is also another exhibition of the management’s desire to improve for the fans and so far things on and off the field have been rosy. Let’s hope for even better things to come.

You can access the sites via the links below.

  1. Sengkang Punggol Official Website
  2. Sengkang Punggol Facebook Page

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S.League 2010 Match 6

Opponent: Home United
Date: 26th Mar, 1930hrs
Venue: Jalan Besar Stadium
Final Score: 2 – 1 (Choi Chul Woo 38′, Valery Hiek 78′ – Farizal Basri 79′)

An unspectacular game ultimately decided by two defensive slip-ups.

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Ryan Fante – Footballer or Poker Player?

New signing Ryan Fante would have gotten many fans curious on this person and more importantly, his playing experience.

Google became my guide to the world as I tried some digging of my own, with additional help from the fine folks at The Voyageurs.

Playing Career
2009 – G.S. United (Ontario Soccer League)
2008 – Vaughan Italia Shooters (Canadian Soccer League)
2007 – Toronto FC Reserves (Guest player)
2006 – Hearts Azzurri (Ontario Soccer League)

Individual Honors
2007 – OSL Provincial East Rookie of the Year
2007 – Toronto FC (Major League Soccer, MLS) Preseason Training Camp
2006 – OSL Central Region East Leading Goal Scorer
2004 – North York Hearts Azzurri S.C U18 League, Ontario Cup and National Champions
2003/04 – Pine Ridge S.S Sr. Boys Soccer MVP
2001 – Sporting Lisbon Training, Portugal
1999 – Sporting Toronto, League Leading Goal Scorer
1998 – Stadium Newspaper Portuguese Cup MVP

Highlight reel below, which most of you would have seen by now.

In conclusion, a player whose career was spent entirely in North America thus making him an unknown quality. With ex-Italia Shooters colleagues Murphy and Jordan around, acclimatisation to the local scene shouldn’t be an issue. Now all that’s needed is more playing time under his belt.

More to come from the striker, we hope.

Should you have any other info regarding him, feel free to do so in the comment sections and I’ll expand on the post.

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S.League 2010 Match 4

Opponent: SAFFC
Date: 15th Mar, 1945hrs
Venue: Hougang Stadium
Final Score: 1 – 3 (Daniel Bennett (o.g.) 12′ – Indra Sahdan Daud 4′, Taisuke Akiyoshi 28′, 70′)

With the team 3-1 down, Nor Azli retrieved a pass to initiate an attack only to find almost no sign of movement from his teammates upfront. Frustrated at their apparent lack of urgency the mild mannered captain hurled a scream of obscenity at them. His futile effort in galvanising the team pretty much sums up the languid display from the players tonight.

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