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-Sengkang Punggol FC Fans' Perspective-

S.League 2010 Match 7

Opponent: Albirex Niigata (S)
Date: 1st Apr, 1945hrs
Venue: Hougang Stadium
Final Score: 0 -1 (Fumiya Kobayashi 65′)

90 mins of relentless in-your-face action, full of blood and guts that is surely not for the weak of hearts. That’s [Rec] 2.

This? The worst football match I’ve seen in a long long while.

Ryan Fante finally gets a start. Rejoice!

Alas! Always slow to the action.

Unceremonious early exit.

Meng Meng hobbles off...

... and they score.

Another fine officiating display acknowledged by the cussing supporters.

Look who's not back in Brazil.

Starting Eleven

Wreckidigidy’s Rant

A loss which never should be as the Dolphins simply were lacking in the will to overcome an opponent who plays negative football, yet allowing them to score a soft goal and clinched their first win of the campaign , oh yah they were aided by a biased and deplorable excuse of a referee. In short a waste of 97 minutes of my life.

To keep ourselves entertained, we were appalled at how infant the stretcher team were while wondered if the orange colored moon that hang listlessly will ever dropped to stop play on the pitch. Not even the presence of a legendary S League foreign talent who left his club in hush hush fashion of late could inspire the affair on the pitch.

Losing 3 of the 4 home games so far this season, twice against teams which we should had beaten, it is not the best publicity to draw fans, is it?
The team who exploded to the scene at the start of the season now looked shorn of any idea going forward as our opponents are starting to read our play like a book.
Perhaps we had been placing too much hope on this young squad, so we ought to let them get back into the groove.
But on this performance, we will continue to lose points even before we can bat an eyelid.
And to the guy who posted earlier about the incompetence of Ryan Fante, I apologized for my rebuttal. Tonight he was simply awful and made us sorely miss even the likes of Moussa Keita and Anthony Bahadur. Ryan if you are reading this, please do your best to shut me up in future matches.


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  1. Hey why was Peres there to watch the game ah?

    Comment by Kennerve | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. anthony bahadur should not have been let go so quickly. he will gel well with the canadians here. he is like an unpolished gem uncovered by sengkang punggol. a young dude, full of passion and desire to improve.

    Comment by trent | April 2, 2010 | Reply

    • Agree with you that Anthony is a better striker with his drive and ability who always performed when called upon. Unfortunately his conduct wasn’t as mature as the club would have liked.

      At one point last season, then-coach Jorg almost replaced him with Laakkad, explaining the various eye witness accounts of seeing the Moroccan with the team.

      Pity that Anthony’s off-the-field antics overshadowed his on-the-field performance.

      Comment by wretchedguy | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. goalkeeper:fadil was my man of the match,saving the team with alert anticiaption of ball and opponents attacks,snuffed them out with few point blank saves,a pillar in the defence,very rreassuruing at the back between the posts.

    defenders:nor azli and shair the 2 centrebacks did not ve much cover from the midield so were faced with more they could handle esp the pacy japanese forwards and ball over the tops,shair was slow and uncomfortable also with balls in the air espp winning first header but did some fine clearances when he had to,safety first,but ve to control temperament.nor azli had too much too do in also giuding the full backs in the marking,at 1 time duncan his rightback played the japanese player onside by not reading his other fellow defenders in pushing up the line resulting in a goal.postive side was seen in both fullbacks willing to go do down the flanks to provide overlap supports at times but the link play between the defence and mid field is missing especially when sengkang has poccession of ball from defence.

    midfield:number 7 murhphy who was supposed to sit deep in front of the back 4 to provide cover by intercept balls and spreading it to his other attacking players,pushed up to attack more often with number 13abdoul leaving a gap in midifeld allowing the albirex number 10 and 5 to expoilt.both wingers were to cramped up by the japanese midfield and ran out of space,early wall passes were seen but dissapperared soon when closed down and poccession losteasily,sengkang lost their midfield superiorty when they started to pump balls to the forwards.murhpy normally accurate passing was missing,poccession lost,high balls not won and the quick accurate movements missing.jordan has to add another trick up in his sleever coz teams now just need to stick a man close to him not allowing him t turn and dribble ,so he has to link more by playing wall passes or switching postions dragging his marker away create space.

    strikers:number 9 ryan likes to stay between the 2 centrebacks and wait for the quick thru ball to burst thru using his quick first 5-10 yards of pace as shown in 1 chance when he burst on the left flank but chose to take too much tome to switch foot thus losing his angle to shoot and opportunity.he has to work with his link play with his other striker and fellow attacking mids supporting him,he has the body and strength to lay off chances for teamates to relaay back to him to shoot,he has to work a bit n his movement and reaading of game thus improving his postions to attack the ball and shoot and i think he likes the ball to feet instead of over the top.

    Comment by pgj | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. I think it is the worst game they have played so far.I dont think any of the foreigners deserve to stay after that performance.Why do we have a group of friends from canada playing??We should be looking at true professionals.Just keep mamadou and jordan.The comment about anthony bahadur returning is a joke.He did not gel with the team last year so why would he this year.Good luck with the rest of the games.

    Comment by trenst | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  5. so true. why do we have a group of friends from canada playing here??! its kind of ridiculous. i guess the club has their own footballers as talent scouts. and also, it takes lesser time to gel. anthony bahadur is a good footballer failing to maximize his potential for interests bigger than football itself. n yes too, just retain jordan and mamadou. perhaps murphy as he seems to be down-to-earth.

    Comment by trent | April 2, 2010 | Reply

  6. i think it was one of the worst sengkang performances i have ever seen.. farizal basri came in to fight rather than play football.. they let in such an easy goal.. and only after the goal did some of the players decide to play some football.. a little too late isnt it?? and ryan.. foreign talent??? rubbish… any prime league boy on the bench would have played better.. sad to say our team deserved the loss… albirex were the better team.. if its nay consolation we were top of the game for the first 15mins… but guys its a 90 min game.. not some street soccer court match for 15mins…

    Comment by Launcher | April 3, 2010 | Reply

  7. woah woah..i see that we are all critical here of the team. but y not..they have failed to live up again, as usual. they really need to put in more training time and work on their techniques and chemistry with each other–which is sorely lacking. or they will just sink to the bottom in time to come. n i say, give ryan fante more time.

    Comment by trent | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  8. poor game, and i think pgj was right in his assesment of the game. sadly, it turned out to be really bad stuff for the team…

    Comment by spfc fan | April 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Even Aide felt the team played without the hunger for the win, let’s hope the 2 weeks break for competitive football can make the lads reflect on that disappointing result.

      Might redeem themselves if they can squeeze a win at Bedok Stadium

      Comment by wreckidigidy | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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