Fish Out of Water

-Sengkang Punggol FC Fans' Perspective-

S.League 2010 Match 2

Opponent: Gombak United
Date: 11th Feb, 1945hrs
Venue: Hougang Stadium
Final Score: 2 -1 (Obadin Aikhena 64′ (og), Jordan Webb 79′ – Obadin Aikhena 89′)

A win! Yes!

Murphy gets a boot on his chest

Murphy takes a boot to the chest...

...while Fazrul gets the boot


The own goal moment

Jordan runs off with the winner to the delirium of the celebrating home fans

Nor Azli gets checked for concussion after a display of heart and guts

Starting Eleven

Wreckidigidy’s Afterthoughts

You know it’s your lucky day when the usual bus you take for home which usually comes in 30 minutes interval,arrived the instant you reached the bus stop.

My first look of the boys live and it was such a gratifying 94 minutes for me, of course the victory is sweet.

Fadhil Salim was great at the back, made a point blank save from a goal-bound header from either Mamadou or Obadin from an early corner. He made himself big between the sticks, good handling and great goalkicks, one of which hit the back of Mamadou Diallo’s head from 60 yards. The goal was not his fault while I hope the caution would not be costly in due time.

Nor Azli, the man with the armband was very vocal from where we sit but he truly led by examples, uninhibited to pull challenges and definitely gave 110%, even got himself badly cronked up through the process. My man of the match and hope he would be alright.
His partner in crime Shahmir Hamzah had a grudge game against Gabriel Obatola and really came up strong. The fact that he tried to pull OJ’s feet when he was bamboozled and fell on the green really displayed his commitment to the cause.

Lau Meng Meng and Duncan Elias had a near perfect evening, rarely putting a wrong foot and for Duncan, his passing was simple yet effective, seems like his transformation to a leftback is near completion.

Jalal was actually the best attacking player in first half but did reasonably well on the left flank when Aide switched to the 4-4-2 formation, even made the telling pass which resulted in the Obadin’s own goal.
Murphy Wiredu was the voice in the midfield and like Nor Azli led by example. Despite prone to losing the ball in the first half, he truly shown some deft touches in the second, and it is always going to be hard going up against the giant known as Goran Subara. Of course his freekick led to the second goal too.

Sobrie Mazlan was well shackled by either Hamqaamal Shah or Jaslee Hatta on either flanks. Had a glancing header from a Jordan Webb’s intricate by-line cross before being substituted.

Mousa Keita had another quiet night, but slowly came to life when joined up front with countryman Mamadou Diallo.
Had a goal disallowed from a marginal offside decision.

Faizal Amir, whom we constantly mistaken for Farizal Basri had a few good runs coupled with a valiant display in the middle, able to stand toe to toe against the bigger sized Bulls.

Jordan Webb looked a livewire on the flanks but failed to make most of his runs count. As observed, he only looked good  hugging the wings and not able to really cut in or provide the telling through pass. However he was alert enough to put a fortuitous deflection off Murphy’s freekick to put it past Zaiful Nizam for the winner.

Mamadou Diallo was a match decider as his presence sent panic in the Bulls’ steely backline and really brought Moussa into the game. Sadly his participation will be limited to whether any of the 4 senior foreign talents are available for selection.

Young defender Sim Li Ming came on for Nor Azli and earned his due with a goal line headed clearance though still unable to prevent Obadin to redeem himself with the goalmouth scramble.
Pny-tailed Darrel Tan came on for a time wasting tactical change and did not really make much of an impression.

A big win for the very young and sprawling Sengkang Punggol side.
The team played tidy football for up to 93 minutes and the only time when the tidiness was absent, we were punished with the goal.
The typical ball passing style was well asphyxiated by the more physical Gombak with Goran Subara the main menace in the middle.
The dismissal of Fazrul Nawaz was a tad too harsh but hey we are not complaining. Detractors would say we need to play with a man down (for the second match in succession) to really come into life but still I am truly witnessing some nice passing football not present in the previous 2 seasons.

At the end of the day, the hard work was paid off, as the team needed to keep it humble and continue try to snitch as many points as possible as the season progress, the fans would be truly proud of them like I am.

Exclusive interview with head coach Aide after the match here. Courtesy of the ever-gracious Mr Ko Pohui from


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  1. a very heartening 2 goals.

    this is the way to go, was impressed by how we moved the ball around

    Comment by dolphins4eva | February 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. My son Kevin and I enjoyed the game last night!
    Congrats to Aide and the team!!!

    Comment by Frank | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  3. What a game. Definitely worth my 5 bucks. Was very impressed with what i saw again last night. Full bloodied affair with tackles flying in everywhere.

    Really like the look of young Shahir. Can see why Aide said he will be a future international. Totally kept Obatola quiet the entire game! Can see Obatola was getting more and more frustrated and when that happens, you know the defender is doing a good job! Nur Azli was impressive as captain as well. Very vocal and gave 110% in all this tackles. But got to say his timing in his tackles damn accurate.

    The midfield trio of Murphy, Jalal and Faizal was great as well. They may not be giants like Subara but their whole hearted approach was one reason why we did not lose the midfield battle.

    But i think we need to start making our chances count. We are guility of missing too many chances sometimes though. Hopefully that can be redress.

    People can talk about Gombak being down to 10 men that we were able to dominate. But didn’t Man Utd dominated the Villa game with 10 mena as well?

    Lets hope they build on this and kudos really to Aide and the players for the work they have done and put in.

    Comment by y a p | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  4. btw, inspired by you guys and other bloggers, i have also started a blog to talk about football as a whole. Will also post my full review on the dolphins there. Do visit when you guys are free =)

    Comment by y a p | February 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Nice work there y a p.
      Always gratifying to find a new voice for local football, especially one from a fellow Sengkang Punggol FC supporter.

      Hope to see more writeups from you. 🙂

      Comment by wretchedguy | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  5. Quote taken from S given by Gombak United’s head coach, Darren Stewart:

    “The sending-off had made our job today tougher, it was very tough. We had only ten men for the second half against them, and it felt like we were up against twelve.”

    I wonder if he meant the fans constituted the twelfth man…heehee

    Comment by wreckidigidy | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  6. Well done Dolphins. A good win against a very good team. Keep it up guys.

    A young coach with a hard working and motivated young team. That is an ingredient for success.

    Comment by Abbas_joe | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  7. This excellent win propel them from the bottom of the table to 4th place, well done SPFC!!

    If they carry on playing like this, a best ever season should be within reach.

    Comment by henryo | February 12, 2010 | Reply

  8. In a team without “Big Name” or “Stars” Fitness, Teamwork and a very good system and of play in the team is important.

    Keep it up boys. Will be there to support you guys on your next game.

    Comment by Abbas_joe | February 14, 2010 | Reply

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