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Give Dez Corkhill the Rein

Came across this nice, concise interview done by Jakarta Casual TV with seasoned sports media man Dez Corkhill:

Amid the doom and gloom shrouding the local game of late, a persona like Dez still continue to pump in optimism as he did with his colorful commentary on Friday night football and never fell short in rendering his support for the S League and in general Singapore football.

The main shortcoming of our game was highlighted vividly through this interview done with the backdrop of that Old Lady in Kallang who refused to be torn down.

The authorities really needed to package the league to appeal to the masses and definitely TV is the best medium possible.
If Channel 5 can devote time for “Just fo Gags” or “World’s Funniest Animals”, they can definitely warrant 20 or 30 minutes twice weekly to give a short highlights of the S League.

In the crescendo of the existing pay tv tug of war over the English Premier League which was even brought up in our Parliament discussion, surely Starhub or Singtel could do a segment on S League as well?

FAS needed to work on their publicity and if you ask me please give it to Dez Corkhill who looked to be able to address the issue better than the incumbent in the ivory towers at Tywhitt Road.

October 21, 2009 - Posted by | General Singapore Football


  1. As I wrote before, FAS just need to get 1 man on borad & that is PM Lee. The rest will fall in

    That why S-league got the help at the start as it was then PM Goh who supported it in it early years & even SPH fall in line as they gagged Jeffery Low (Who was send to TNP to write foreign sport then)

    Or else, it is just the MBT era again when his talk of co-operation era fall on deaf ears.

    Comment by happy | October 22, 2009 | Reply

    • Care to elaborate more?

      I’ve always been intrigued as to why our local media, namely Straits Times and The New Paper, suddenly stopped covering the league.

      Comment by wretchedguy | October 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. A short looked to the Past.

    Everybdy say S-league was given birth as a result of FAS pullout but take note, FAS did nt commit to S-league until then-PM Goh step in as he spoke on football

    Before going, we need to rmb, at tht time, S’pore economy was booming fr a decade already & the PM had time to look at other issues.

    Then, FAS & ,of course, the media & ,nt forgetting,the sponsors throw it weight behind the project

    S$5million were easily raised to start S-league

    Tht why S-league had a good start as $ & support was available as PM Goh gave his support (Rmb, he was at the S-league opening ceremony & fr impt matches like Final)

    From late 90s onwards, then-PM Goh started to focus more on S’pore economy as 3 recessions hit in 5 years & it was at the same period, coverage of local sport fall as I hve wrote before, SPH, despite owning then 4 English papers, 3 Chinese papers, 1 Malay paper, did nt even send 1 reporter to Tiger Cup Vietnam in 98.

    Of course, at same time – from 90s onwards – Jeffery Low was send back to ST as MBT started his co-operation era as he took over FAS president.

    SPH still had to give minister face so TNP (W/o Jeffery Low nw &, strange or nt, hw everytime a paper was covering local scene, he nt in charge of it despite being a senior reporter) was send to cover local sport although it lasted a year or so only.

    But, ST, w/ Jeffery Low nw, took a diff track as it started talking more on more on going back to Malaysia Cup

    It gone mad arnd the 03-04 period as Jeffery Low personally started to write more biased articles himself as MBT prepare to step down

    Why, becos MBT ,a minister, is stepping down so they can be more gungho on Malaysia Cup at tht period but once the next minister, Hoo Peng Kee, told the media he will nt be the FAS president to send us back to Malaysia Cup, SPH stop talking abt it although they try to test market at times, like 06.

    But as long as a minister state his stand, SPH do ‘understand’

    Tht why we see this yr, Malaysia Cup topic creep up again as Ho step down & the new man take over but it is quieting down as Zainudin has more or less say he is focus on S-league

    This shw hw impt it is to get the top person – especially the PM, as S’pore President Nathan at Final does nt cut it like PM Lee at Final – backing S’pore sport (nt just football)

    Our institutions r a top to down organisations where once the top person make his decision, everybdy do follow & tht why Jeffery Low & Tan Cheng Koon had tht much influence as they hold impt post at SPH sport department

    Comment by happy | October 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. wretchedguy, may I have your email? I need to contact you.

    Comment by hh | October 27, 2009 | Reply

    • May I know why?

      Comment by wretchedguy | October 28, 2009 | Reply

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